Swimming in a new pool

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After many years of marketing work, I’m taking things in a new direction. An old friend and I have started a new company doing international development work related to education. Katrina Grant, formerly with Eduteq Limited, has joined me in forming Edusystems Consulting, Inc. Our web site is up and running. That’s where you’ll find me from this point forward.

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Supporting Cancer Research

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We all wish that we could unlock the secrets of cancer and finally beat this disease.  The lives of so many people have been affected, either directly or indirectly, by “the big C.”  I recently created a web site for a cancer researcher who focuses on the rare cases of unexpected remission, hoping to pull together a large enough database of cases so that the phenomenon can be studied. If you or someone you know who has experienced an unexpected remission, check out her web...

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Spreading the Operatic Love

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I recently had the privilege of working with the Lake Geneva Chapter of the Lyric Opera of Chicago, helping them to move from a printed newsletter to an email version.  Now that the first issue is out, we can work on training and transitioning responsibility to the local chapter members.  What a great group to work with!  These people love their opera, and they want to share that love with the world. If you’re interested in reducing costs by moving to electronic communication with your customers, drop me a...

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There and Back Again

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Our European adventure is coming to an end and we are returning to the US from England.  This should not affect interactions with clients, except that it will now be easier for us to talk by phone.  We’ll be back in time for the Fourth of July!

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Selling Real Estate Online

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If you’re trying to sell real estate in this tough market, you need to get the word out to every possible buyer.  You need your message to be clear and consistent.  And you need to give cautious buyers a reason to call.  I recently put together a web site and helped to launch a Facebook presence for a small real estate developer in South Carolina.  We used WordPress, so that maintenance would be easy and costs would be low.  The broker now manages their Facebook presence. You can see this example of our work at...

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European Adventure

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Farewell, fellow Americans.  Laing Marketing is off to London for a European adventure.  This relocation should last for at least one year, but of course I will still be available to assist clients remotely.  Let’s take it easy on the international phone calls, shall we?  There’s this cool new invention called the Internet that will help us to keep in touch. See you on Skype!  

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Trailer wins New Covey Award!

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I got the happy news today that the trailer I produced for Martha Powers’ Conspiracy of Silence has won two awards.  In the January 2009 New Covey Trailer Awards, Conspiracy of Silence won both the “Most Artistic Trailer” and the “Most Intriguing Trailer” Awards. Enjoy! New Covey Trailer Award for the Most Artistic Trailer New Covey Trailer Award for the Most Intriguing...

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Putting your book video online

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People ask me all the time where they can put their book videos (aka booktrailers, book trailers, book peeks, book previews, etc.) online. Here’s what I’ve found. 1. YouTube: Definitely post your video here. It’s easy, you’ll pop up in searches, and they provide you with “embed code” so that you can add the video to your web site without actually, well, putting it on your web site. You just cut and paste the code onto your page (or you have your web guru do the cutting and pasting) and — bam! — your trailer is on your web...

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Working with Mary Alice Monroe

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It was a joy and a privilege to do a book trailer for Mary Alice Monroe. She’s a truly lovely person, and she has such an amazing voice! I think from now on I’ll only get her books in the audio version. She recorded the voice-over for the trailer, and I love listening to it. Swimming Lessons by Mary Alice...

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Book Trailer for Leaving Paradise by Simone Elkeles

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I love the music for this trailer. Apparently other people do, too, because I’ve had the question come up in the comments section on YouTube. It’s one of the “Jingles” that came with iMovie HD (imagine clip art, only sound effects and music). They don’t credit the artist, but it’s called Motocross. Love it! Leaving Paradise by Simone...

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